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The summary and Predicting of XJ series block handler equipment

Date: 2014-09-17      Browse :180

It is very chaotic yearsin block handler market in 2013, due to the market influence over the pastseven years, some businessmen want to do the block handler business, as aresult, imitation, fake, cheat, immature etc question come out. In order tofurther strengthen the XJ series product market position and do a commandinglead in technology. XIAJIN people start updating XJ series products in 2012 andfully finish updating in 2013 .This is third updating in XJ series forkliftloader, All products code would add a "D", namely: XJ953-16 D(16tons),XJ968-18 D (18 tons), XJ968-20 D (20 tons), XJ968-23 D (23 tons), XJ968-27 D(27 tons), XJ968-28 D (28 tons), XJ976-32 D (32 tons), XJ976H (quick changedevice), XJ988-40 (40 tons), XJ988H (container handler equipment), XJ998H(quick change device), XJ998-43 (43 tons) etc 12 models of products.

It is particularly proud of that XIAJINpeople studied and developed successfully "XIAJIN SOMA" hydraulic wetdrive axle in 2012-2013 after spending nearly two years and huge fund, itreally solves reliable braking and work security with full load of fork loader.Eighteen months labor and money is worth, they are more reliable and durableafter updating . The birth of "XIAJIN SOMA" hydraulic wet drive axleis actually the most difficult to breakthrough , the birth of "XIAJINMACHINERY" 25 tons structure is the first big breakthrough in the history, it caused a sensation in the industry that time! XIAJIN people also gain moreencourage and confidence this time.

You can see from the six times biddingwork of block handler across the country for six times . All the thing canillustrate the XJ series products of normality and leading. We can find reliabilityand durability of XJ series fork loaders in part of the foreign market, Shandong province , GuizhouProvince, Guangxi province,Guangdong province, Gansu province etc market. Our company gaina good effect in the market. A number of components are "0" failureafter using three years, it is reputation we gain from XJ products.

Now, a full range of XJ products have beenwidely recognized by users in the market from small to large , they provide a comprehensivechoice to quarry owners .Especially the European market, XJ976H (quick changedevice), XJ988-40 (40 tons), XJ988H (container handler equipment), XJ998H(quick change device) etc products have solved the big technology safetyguarantee! It is a good chance to us in the high-end product.

XJ series products will give you morechoice in the future with high-grade quality and high safety guarantee!