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XIAJIN block handler: Excellence is mission ——Impressed by holding copies of National honor certificate

Date: 2014-09-17      Browse :181

On January 16 and January 18, 2014, "XIAJINMACHINERY" respectively from XIAMENgovernment and state ministry of science and technology took back two copies ofNational honor certificate. The two copies of honor certificate are highlyaffirmation to our R&D team, meanwhile it is the great pressure to XIAJINpeople.

General manager lost in thought with Honorcertificates in hand: It is a sad process to create the block handlerarrangement at pass eight years. Do product which other companies not do, Butthe products is the user’s need. We need a lot of courage to face the peoplewho don’t know the quality and product. Think of countless times R&D meeting,think of countless times stone yard testing, think of their envy and hurt, thinkof unknown success and failure before investment! We finally gain the sure andreward after eight years’ innovation accumulation.

Do the advanced equipment manufacturingindustry and become a model of innovation. XIAJIN people are not afraid ofhardship and cost to develop new products, it is our R&D guiding thought ofhow to achieve the goal which let user get good product? Our factory hasrealized the "0" failure in six spare parts after three years heavy-dutyoperating.

XIAJIN technology , win-win innovation.XIAJIN people overcome difficulties and resolve many technical obstacles,finally form different type of block handler arrangement, they are XJ953-16D,XJ968-18D, XJ968-20D, XJ968-23D,XJ968-27D,XJ968-28D,XJ968-32D,XJ976H,XJ988-40D,XJ988H, XJ998H,XJ998-43 series block handlerequipment. The series products laid a solid foundation for the next step!

To be proud of is that we overcome two ofthe most difficult technical technology. One is frame, another is hydraulicbrake. It is the first big breakthrough on the history that XIAJIN born 25Tonsframe six years ago. The industry caused a sensation that time. Now we spent nearlytwo years and huge funds to study hydraulic wet drive axle in 2012-2013 andfinally success. The hydraulic wet drive axles solve the safe problem and makethe block handler more reliable and durable, this axles give XIAJIN people’smore encourage and confidence.

The block handler should work in quarries, it would be more dangerous if the quality is bad, such as frame fracture,tire explosion, brake failure etc. This is in urgent need of a safe and goodquality block handler , “XIAJIN MACHINERY” block handler equipment is theproduct that could users’ demand.

Result is belong to the past, thegovernment's recognition and the user's trust let XIAJIN people’ shoulder moreheavy! Block handler arrangement is different from wheel loader and forklift,large load capacity and strong cross country ability work demand drive XIAJINpeople to do this duty, lead to advanced technology and product is our responsibility.