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“XIAJIN SOMA” hydraulic wet brake axles bring big revolution to mining machinery safety

Date: 2014-09-17      Browse :166

The feature of "XIAJIN MACHINERY"hydraulic wet brake axle introduction:

 Hydraulicwet brake axle manufacturing technology was used in block handler, it create oneaxle which use in forklift loader with the feature of advanced axle load andadvanced braking system. It is one big breakthrough in safety of block handlerarrangement. “XIAJIN MACHINERY” put the quality to the higher grade with XIAJINSOMA hydraulic wet brake axle. The axles completely solve axle failure  and brake failure in bad environment andslop, XJ932 "XIAJIN SOMA" drive axle braking torque reaches 86000N •m, single drive axle rated load reached 80 tons; XJ945 "XIAJIN SOMA "drive axle braking torque reaches 96000N • m, single drive axle rated load reaches100tons, while disc brake axle braking torque is only 48000N • m, it is difficultto go beyond the rated load 60 tons. It says that "XIAJIN SOMA" wetbrake axle hydraulic braking force larger than disc brake,  what ‘s more ,brake is no heat during theoperation, so thoroughly solved the difficult braking task. Truly provides fullproduction efficiency and safe advanced equipment for the mining investor anddriver. This is a design revolution, device revolution, safety revolution!"XIAJIN SOMA" drive axle not only to achieve a sufficient andreliable braking, but also using strong hydraulic wet brake systemscorresponding to axle, the use of Soma drive axle manufacturing technologyachieve a rapid braking, parking brake, strong load etc.


"XIAJIN SOMA" hydraulic wetbraking main advantages:

1.     The brake structure part never heat duringoperation;

2.     The braking force is far more than discbrake, it can brake anywhere;

3.     As long as the engine is off, there is nodrive power, brake automatically embrace together, comprehensive instead ofautomatic parking, it is reliable braking;

4.     It achieves effective brake in the slopewith full load

5.     It can start in the slope with full load

The advantagesare as follows: Solving economic and security dual purpose of  the investors and the driver.