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Journey OF “XIAJIN MACHINERY” Forklift loader system upgrade

Date: 2014-02-20      Browse :146

It finally achieve all block handlerequipment system upgrade after 18 month struggle, this is the third timeupgrade of "XIAJIN MACHINERY" products , All the products add a"D", Namely: XJ968-16D(16ton), XJ968-18D(18ton), XJ968-20D(20ton),XJ968-23D(23ton),XJ968-27D(27ton), XJ968-28D(28ton), XJ976-32D(32ton),XJ976H(27ton),XJ988-40(40ton), XJ988H(container forklift loader), XJ998H(37ton),XJ998-43(43ton). Our company has a total of 12 models.


Someone give us a problem: Why donot you put the time in Sales but product upgrade? In fact, all the companieswant to do business! The problem is when the users need quality products, weshould pay attention to the quality, so the upgrade is very important,"XIAJIN MACHINERY" spent nearly two years time and large funds todevelop "XIAJIN SOMA" hydraulic wet drive axle, it really solves thebraking problem,  all the products aremore reliable and durable after upgrade.


Actually, stone block forkliftloader should load heavy block, so they should be designed according to thequarry environment, they are different with wheel loader, if the bosses don’tknow the machine, they will buy wrong . For example, if you use wheel loader’stire in forklift loader, tire will quickly exploded, braking system of wheelloader also can’t use in forklift loader. Especially for more than six cubicblock, if you use ordinary braking system, it is very dangerous, So"XIAJINSoma" hydraulic wet brake bridge has great help in safety!


All in all, as a professional stoneblock fork truck practitioners, I think it is very important of safety andquality. It is not just a business problem, it's a matter of moral andresponsibility!