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High-Tech forklift loader to show the powerful charm of safety and quality

Date: 2014-02-19      Browse :154

The (SHUITOU) international Stone & Equipment Exhibitionwas just finished, "XIAJIN MACHINERY". Three representative upgraded loaderXJ988-40 (40 tons), XJ968-27D (27 tons), XJ968-20D (20 tons),  at the same time a strong lineup ofhospitality and service teams were showed in the fair. XJ988-40 with "XIAJINSOMA" wet hydraulic brake bridge is the highlight of the show because of itssuperior load capacity, safety brake technology etc.

Two aspects let XIAJIN MACHINERY very unexpected : thefirst, Many experienced mine investors hope to use "XIAJIN Soma" wethydraulic brake bridge for a long time .The second, many new users also givehigh praise to XIAJIN loader.

Forklift loaders go through nearly six years from immaturityto maturity. Today, Users begin to pay attention to the quality and safety.Because its reliability, cross-country, security is very, very important, orelse how would there be so many vehicles slippery, roll, let the boss more thana headache! As a factory, more technical point of view should stand, dryconscience live, the reliability of the product, off-road, security do best! Mostcases slightly should be care about evil work environment, Estimates, and froma technical point of view to ensure that the product of these threerequirements. End-users will be the first to reach the most willing to meet,factories win gain!

Through the exhibition, XIAJIN MACHINERY impressed! On theone hand, a long hanging in the heart of attention to quality has notrecognized which has become history, and old customers promote good reputationof XIAJIN MACHINERY, new customers are coming because of the old users; on theother hand, the advanced new safety product also get all the people's confirm! XIAJINpeople get a lot on four days of tense and hectic atmosphere in the show! weget consensus through six years of research and development efforts and relentlessfighting spirit, that is quarries must use forklift loader, forklift loader tochoose XIAJIN.