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Looking forward to XIAMEN Stone Fair, A full range of high-tech products—Block forklift loader

Date: 2014-02-19      Browse :158

The annual Xiamen Internationalstone fair will be arrival, “XIAJIN MACHINERY” theme of this fair is the “leadto know block forklift loader technology, China technology challengeEuropeans, R&D of large-scale machinery and equipment.”  In addition to showing XJ968-28D (28 tons),XJ968-20D (20 tons), XJ988-40 (40 tons) etc products, as well as independentintellectual property rights "XIAJIN SOMA" wet hydraulic brakebridge.

The highlights focus on theexhibition as below:

1.      Productmodels are full. Including 12 kinds of different mining models to meet theneeds of different countries and regions.

2.      Advancedtechnology. We have the representative of the product XJ968-28D with gaining "National technology leader certificate of authenticity "; multifunctionalXJ998H, XJ976H with high loads and quick-coupler devices; Two key technologybreakthroughs frame and "XIAJIN Soma" wet hydraulic brake bridge to ledforklift loader.

3.      Themain point is that “XIAJIN MACHINERY” understand and solve ideological problemsof quality and safety.

We're ready, from all aspect to showour block handler equipment in Xiamen Exhibition Center.Welcome global customers to visit “XIAJIN” booth, talking about technology andproducts, talking about operations and future!