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Cathedra of wood clamping machine serious

Date: 2016-06-17      Browse :123

By tonnage

XIAJIN wood clamping machine can be divided into three specifications:heavy duty type, the flexible type  anda small tonnage.

Large tonnage

Refers to the load of more than 7 tons clamping wood machine, XIAJINmachinery is divided into 13 tons , 15 tons,20 tons , 25 ton.

Small tonnage

Refers to 7 tons, 5 tons, 3 tons wood clamping machine, directlydesigned by the wheel loader.

Due to different work habits and functional requirements, when you needto the wood clamping machine work like wheel loader ,wood clamping machine isrequired to enhance the height more than 3650mm, unloading angle greater than45 degrees, we will be according to the needs of users to change the frame,work operation, cylinder etc. in order to achieve functional of wheel loader,but the load will decline. This is the reason for the extension 4 large tonnageheavy-duty fork loader to eight models.

At present, large tonnage wood clamping machine is XIAJIN inventionpatent, speaking from the legal point of view, the large tonnage series clampwood machine can’t be produced by second factory without XIAJIN permit.