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XIAJIN block handler forklift loader wined a Second-Rate Prize of Science Invention

Date: 2016-05-04      Browse :70

     In this meeting, according toimplementation, 2015 Xiamenpatent award were selected out 1 special project, 2 first-class project, 9second-class projects, 30 third-class projects, 1 design gold award, 2 designexcellence award .

     This award honor is highly affirmedby the government for XIAJIN scientific research ability, intellectual propertyrights and the invention creation ability. This honor will let XIAJIN peoplemore struggle, it will guide us how to do to get better and better, let userget a high quality product and top class service.

     So far, the Xiajin company hasreceived 43 patents, 39 utility model patent, 3 invention patents, 1international PCT patent .