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Block handler will open a new round of rapid growth --- Loaded China road machinery

Date: 2014-10-06      Browse :2548

Perhaps already past 2012 is one of many unforgettable year loader manufacturers. During the year, sales of loader market appeared a rare decline of nearly 40 percent, continuing the growth momentum in recent years to an abrupt end. However, this does not mean that the domestic market will bid farewell to grow loader, has now entered a period of recession. According to senior industry analysts believe that many positive factors will lead the domestic market loader open a new round of growth.


First, the process of urbanization is still important to protect the loader boom. And different from the past is that, after decades of development, urbanization there are some features not available in the past. These features will be more conducive to promoting the development of the loader market. Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, although now it is the deepest winter, but in the north of Yan'an City Qingliangshan 10.5 square kilometers of gully, this time it is something bustling scene, more than 2100 sets of large machinery being around the clock busy. Originally, the city government decided to invest billions of Yan'an, planned shift level in 10 years, 33 hills, to make room for the development of the city. Such a cut similar to Yan'an mountain Zaochengyundong will not be just the Yan'an characteristics. With the advance of urbanization, the urban population continues to increase, to seek new development space will inevitably become an issue of concern in many cities. And this made ​​the city's push Hill "unconventional campaign" will undoubtedly provide more useless loader.


Second, 6 tons above models gradually mature production technology, but also inject new vitality into the development will loader market. Although now home to five tons loader market is still dominated models, but in many places, especially in large-scale mining, has been difficult to find six tons or more models on the scene. With the increasing labor costs, more than six tons of great advantage in efficiency models will be more and more attention. As one loader sales manager talked about it, 6 t model is likely to become mainstream in the future market, as in the past 10 years, five tons models firmly occupy the market of the original models ruthless 4 t the same. With the production technology is mature, domestically 6 tons loader on price and performance will be more competitive, combined with favorable market trends, which undoubtedly will bring growth opportunities loader manufacturer.


Finally, the macroeconomic situation improved, especially in fixed asset investment growth picked up, will greatly promote the loader market growth regression. From the "Plan" to "five" of statistical data, the average five-year plan in fixed asset investment growth each year were 17.3%, 24.1%, 28.5%, 18.8%, 19.8%. Affected by the investment and construction period, the second five-year plan, three-year investment is often accelerated year. 2013 as a third-year "second Five Year Plan", a large number of approved and key construction projects started will help accelerate the growth of investment. In addition, the functions are assigned to hedge foreign exchange reserve, hedging pressure in 2013 will be significantly reduced, which is the country cut the deposit reserve ratio to ease monetary policy provides the basis. Loose monetary policy, and the whole market for loader construction machinery market, are no doubt good news.


So, with the gradual improvement in the macroeconomic situation, urbanization entered a new phase, as well as production technology continue to make breakthroughs, loaders market in the spring will not be far away