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MIIT: The equipment manufacturing industry is not out of the downward pressure

Date: 2014-10-06      Browse :4042

Since entering the third quarter, despite a variety of positive news continues to emerge, but the official forecast, the equipment manufacturing industry in 2013 the situation is still not optimistic, however, the overall operation will be better than last year.


In the old turn of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued by the Monitoring and Coordination Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics jointly made ​​by the "2012 China's industrial economic operation Report" (hereinafter referred to as "the" Report ""). In addition to the forecast, the "Report" also on the industrial economy of the past year made ​​a comprehensive summary.


 Slow the stabilization of 2012

 According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2012 1-11 months, above-scale industrial added value increased by 10%, which grew 11.6 percent in the first quarter, second quarter growth of 9.5 percent in the third quarter increased by 9.1% in the fourth quarter growth rate of close to 10 %. Light and heavy industry, light industry grew 10.2 percent, heavy industry grew 9.8%.

 In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and the Academy of Social Sciences said: "over the whole year is expected to scale industrial added value increased about 10 percent over last year." This forecast data and compared to the past few years, a lot lower. For example, in 2011 the growth of above-scale industrial added value of 13.9% over the previous year, 2010 is as high as 15.7 percent, even just experienced an economic crisis in 2009 had 11%.


Nevertheless, in retrospect 2012 China's industrial economic operation, the "Report" is still listed many highlights, including: the role of domestic demand significantly enhanced; industrial restructuring steadily; business conditions began to improve; eastern region to the good running posture pulling effect Midwest enhanced; steady growth policy effect gradually; industrial electricity growth rebounded significantly and so on.


Indeed, the leading indicators continued to improve manufacturing instructions are in the process of stabilization and recovery. According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing survey, manufacturing purchasing managers index after four consecutive monthly decline since September rebounded for three consecutive months, reached 50.6 percent in November, the new orders sub-indicators index rose to 51.2%.


Because of this, the "Report" with "slow in stabilization" to summarize the overall trend of industrial economic operation last year, but also did not avoid the difficulties and shortcomings, and admits "to stabilize the foundation is not solid."


These difficulties include: shrinking external demand is difficult to fundamentally reverse the effects of short-term, industrial export situation is grim; in the case of fixed-asset investment growth overall recovery, the cumulative growth rate of industrial investment has dropped for five consecutive months, manufacturing investment growth also appears continuous four months of decline; significant improvement in market demand does not appear, the production costs are still high, corporate profits continued to decline, losses increase and so on.


Equipment industry outlook is not optimistic

In the overall economic slow process of stabilization in industry, sub-industry perspective, the difficulties faced by the equipment manufacturing industry now some more. With respect to the raw material of the rebound in industrial production slowed, slow running trend in the consumer goods industry to see steady, and electronic manufacturing significantly stabilized the situation, the equipment industry due to the long production cycle, the adjustment is difficult, is not yet out of the downward pressure.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2012 1-11 months, the equipment manufacturing sector grew by 8.2%, significantly lower than the above-scale industries, the growth rate down 7.2 percentage points sharply over the previous year.


Furthermore, subject to market demand slowdown affected the number of equipment manufacturing new orders marked atrophy. From machine orders associated key enterprises, the 2011 annual total of new orders grew only signed six percent, while in 2012 the accumulated negative growth situation, including engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, trucks, power generation equipment orders fell the most obvious . As early as last September release of "2012 China's industrial economic operation in the first half report", it has been concerned about these issues, and with the "unprecedented recession" to describe the economic operation of the equipment manufacturing industry at the time.


Development prospects for 2013 point of view, "reports" that the equipment industry, "Opportunities and challenges, the outlook is not encouraging," but also expects "the overall operation of the equipment industry next year better than this year, increasing the value of the growth rate is higher than this year."