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XIAJIN MACHINERY block handler arrangement: R & D capability to create huge wealth for users

Date: 2014-02-20      Browse :3978

The 13th 2013 China Xiameninternational stone fair has ended, but for “XIAJIN MACHINERY” to speak, a newchallenge is just beginning.


As outstanding enterprises offorklift loader, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" always leads the developmentdirection of technology revolution, promotes the overall industry technologyprogress. Stone material is bigger and bigger, fork loader drivers and maintenancepersonnel need higher and higher safety performance. "XIAJINMACHINERY" realizes breakthrough because of strong operation , reliablevehicle, comfortable driving, simplified maintenance .After one and a halfyear’ struggle, we finally show XJ998-43 stone block forklift loader in theexhibition. New XJ998-43 product is not only a simple power system upgrade, butalso the whole machine performance upgrade, fully considering the huge jobcharacteristics of block. it leads industry develop once again!


"XIAJIN MACHINERY"  has strong product because product is the sourceto impress users XIAJIN people were driven by this philosophy, not content withthe present products, continuous improvement, to make upgrades to the productand improve the performance of product quality, thus creat the high efficiencyand safety for the user, create more value. The old users also gave high praisein the 13th 2013 China Xiamen international stone fair This is a very goodexplain that "XIAJIN MACHINERY” XJ968-28D, XJ968-27D, XJ968-23D, XJ968-18Dmodels are the popular in the market.


We are facing many customers fromall over the world, we use the product quality to pursue the users, to provethe strong R&D capacity. Our company will show more strong product in everyyear’s exhibition .