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A grand banquet of forklift loader——"XIAJIN MACHINERY " gained the success in Shuitou International Stone Exhibition

Date: 2012-12-25      Browse :1328

     Warmly celebrate "XIAJIN MACHINERY" to participate in the 13th China (Nan’an) Shuitou International stone exhibition with success. Although the global economic downturn situation brings serious challenges to the building materials industry, however 13th China (Nan’an) Shuitou international stone exhibition is getting better and better, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" besides showed 16 tons, 18tons, 23 tons, 25 tons and 28 tons forklift truck, We also showed XJ998-36 container forklift truck (load 36 tons) and XJ998-39 (load 39 tons) stone material forklift truck. Because they cover two big industry functions of container and block, solve the four connecting rod mechanism (flexible movement and avoid interference of rocker arm and stone), the special design of lifting arm and processing measures against side turning and lateral twisting ability, hydraulic wet braking, "XIAJIN SOMA" drive axle super load etc. advanced technology breakthrough, obtained the domestic and foreign buyers’ extensive concern.

    A grand entrance in exhibition of "XIAJIN MACHINERY" displayed the most advanced equipment to stone industry, review last year's stone exhibition, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" has always been at the forefront of the forklift loader industry, we will produce high-technology high-value products to dedicate the customer with enterprise spirit of "good faith, hard work, high efficient and innovation", so to say, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" brought more surprise in the exhibition!
   "XIAJIN MACHINERY" had kept prosper during the grand banquet of four days, the vast number of new and old customers gave high praise to such a high quality of forklift truck. On the fair, one customer decide to purchase “XIAJIN MACHINERY” machine after comparing with other manufacturers, his final decision confirmed that "do not buy 'XIAJIN MACHINERY' forklift truck will regret". We thank all the new and old customers to support, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" will continue to innovation, we will return users with higher quality, with your support, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" will do better!!