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CE certification ----- "XIAJIN MACHINERY" brand competitiveness upgrade

Date: 2012-09-03      Browse :2675

"CE" mark is the safe authentication sign of European market, full name is CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE, CE certification is the most advanced evaluation mode for product evaluation, we can say that all enterprise products with through this authentication fully meet or exceed national standards. Therefore, this authentication is always an important symbol of export enterprise production scale, product quality and competitiveness. "XIAJIN MACHINERY" fork loaders once again confirm excellent technology and quality after getting European CE certification and CE certification also provides strong guarantee for brand global expansion.

      CE certification is a mandatory safety certification which the EU carries out. Any products to enter the EU market must have the CE qualification and mark. CE mark is unique mark which indicates that the products meet the European command, European countries will bring CE mark into its national rule and administrative procedures. "XIAJIN MACHINERY"block loader, loose materials leveling machine,  and wheel loader are through the European CE certification, it fully show that all products are accord with the EU standards under a series demands of safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection etc, excellent product quality and production process here are getting a comprehensive reflected, it is also a good example that China brand move to an international arena.

      CE certification lets "XIAJIN MACHINERY" products get a smooth pass to export EU, it marks the design and production capacity of "XIAJIN MACHINERY" have reached the world advanced level, this will give a positive and far-reaching influence to "XIAJIN MACHINERY" development!