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XJM971G 7 tons loader attacks into the domestic and foreign markets

Date: 2016-12-08      Browse :96

Recently, a new product with its own technology XJM971Gwheel loader (rated load 7 tons) is trial success. The success of the productshow the spirit XIAJIN MACHINERY people’s  innovation, pioneers!

XJM971G is the latest generation 7 ton loader products,energy saving, efficient, reliable, comfortable, convenient maintenance, it widelyused in ports, mines, logistics enterprise operation requirements. improve thecompany product line, improve the competitiveness of the market.

XJM971G loader is using the optimized transmission system,the international leading quality transmission and drive axle, more effectiveand more reliable.  Short wheelbasedesign,  small turning radius. Flowamplified steering, single handle pilot control, simple operation. Super largespace,  full field of vision,  quiet sound, air conditioning to make thedriver a comfortable working environment. Using a large heat sink, completelysolve the problem of heat balance in a variety of harsh environments. Equippedwith a variety of working device to meet the needs of different jobs.

High configuration, high load, largevolume, large discharge height of XJM971G are a good choice for all users.